ListeningDrill : With subtitle, foreign language listening practice (English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, etc.) player device – TED video and free audio books

Full Version :

Free Version :

– TED video file dowonload
– free audiobooks
– video/audio file upload

WIth your favorite  video or audio file and its corresponding subtitle files,

– can play seamlessly in sleep mode (in background)
– can control playing speed (05x ~ 2.0x)
– can combine subtitle files (one as main for study, another as translation, different format, different timing information is acceptable )
– can set auto repeat based on subtitles (e.g. with 3 subtitles at a time, repeat 10 times)
– AB repeat
– can scroll whole subtitles
– can start playing from selected subtitle
– adjust subtitle font size/color
– play subtitles part only (ie. skip all frames which do not include dialog from a movie, and quickly move to the next subtitle part)
– Vocabulary. wordbook. Extract words from subtitles automatically.  excluded words list. editable. Flash cards.

In WiFi environment, You can drag and drop(copy) files  to the app from your PC.
You also can use iTunes Sharing. (which is faster…)

First of all, you must understand foreign languages through listening.

ListeningDrill is an App for English study, Chinese study, Japanese study, Spanish study, Portuguese study, German study etc…

It is for those who need to practice listening to foreign languages. Users can read subtitles and replay the media files repeatedly.

[Supported Media Files]
1. mp4, mov, mpv, 3gp video files
3. mp3 audio files

[Supported Subtitle Format]

1. lrc (Karaoke Lyrics LRC)
2. smi (SAMI Captioning)
3. srt (SubRip format)

[Major Features]

1. Open Windows Explorer. Copy and paste the mp3,mp4,mov,mph,3gp and subtitle files for a simple transfer.
2. It displays the entire subtitles, which can be scrolled up and down for viewing purposes.
3. You can play the clip from the position of the desired subtitle at any time.
4. You can put each subtitles on repeat for a number of times you wish to view them. For instance, if you choose to play subtitles 5 times, each subtitle will play 5 times before moving on to the next subtitle.
5. You can choose to play only the frames containing subtitles, i.e. dialogues. If you select, ‘Play only the frames with subtitles,’ it will skip over the scenes without dialogues and quickly move on to the scenes with dialogues.
6. You can put certain frames on repeat.
7. Clips can be played at a speed of 0.5 ~ 2-fold (only supported on iOS 5.0 or higher).
8. It remembers the location that is currently being played. When you play the clip again, it will begin from the same location.
9. Option to change subtitles font size
10. Can combine two subtitle files as main(for study) and sub (for translation)

[Examples of Use]

1. Obtain/download foreign movies, dramas and music files you like.
2. Obtain the subtitle file for the movie, drama or song in question.
(for e.g., refer to,, etc.)
4. Send the mp3,mp4,mov,mph,3gp file and the corresponding subtitle file to ListeningDrill (copy using Windows Explorer)
5. View the subtitles in ListeningDrill and listen to the mp3,mp4,mov,mph,3gp file to study.


1.  If the corresponding subtitle file is unavailable, the mp3,mp4,mov,mph,3gp file will be played without the subtitles.

IMG_4132 IMG_4131

IMG_4129 IMG_3884 IMG_3882 IMG_3780 IMG_2967IMG_4254

ListeningDrill iOS App for iPhone is convenient to study foreign languages ​​English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Italian, German, and French.
ListeningDrill has produced especially ideal for listening practice.

9 thoughts on “ListeningDrill : With subtitle, foreign language listening practice (English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, etc.) player device – TED video and free audio books”

    1. It looks you can download only podcast files(mp3) from the site.
      All availablities are up to the site’s policy.
      There’s nothing I can do more than that.

  1. Helo
    After last update I can´t download any series from Ted. It´s only online. Is it right? (iPhone ios10)
    Thank you

    1. Yes, it’s correct.
      According to Apple’s usage guide, the feature has been changed to play TED online only.

      Thank you,

  2. Audio files format is mp3 only? It’s kind of inconvenient when videos come with aac audio? Are you planning on supporting other audio file formats?

    1. The app supports formats Apple supports natively.
      ie. it doesn’t support formats which require 3rd parties resources.
      I’m sorry that currently there isn’t any specific plan either to support formats beyond Apple’s native capability.

      Thank you for usimg ListeningDrill

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