Foreign Language Listening AID : Where you can get subtitles ?

Followings are links where you can find subtitles for movies and dramas,

This a blog where gathered subtitles.


Where you can find subtitles for old movies.

In chinese, but quite useful…


For TED,

You can get subtitles in srt format.


and for Youtube, (When subtitles are available …)



If you have any other useful information, Please share it with us.

Foreign Language Listening AID : ListeningDrill

10 thoughts on “Foreign Language Listening AID : Where you can get subtitles ?”

  1. Thanks a lot for your app, I have already recommended your app to my friends.

    Is it possible to add avi. and some other popular video formats in the near future?

    1. Definitely, I will try, but not in the so near future… since it is beyond Apple’s native API…
      Thank you for your interest.

      1. Perhaps you could fix some crashes with mp4 + srt. and stabilize upload through iTunes, because it doesn’t want to work now, I had to use FTP.

        I had to convert my video, but couldn’t get it work with subs, the app crashes on me each time.

        You’ve got a great potential with this app on the market, I hope you’ll develop it, unfortunately competitors never sleep.

        Good luck man,

      2. When it comes to a bug, I shoud fix it immediately. Mostly problem’s caused by somehow modified subtitles.
        Could you send subtitles which are causing troubles ? I will include the fix in the forthcoming updates.
        Please send email
        Thank you for your kind concern.

  2. I’m using your amazing apps to help my hearing impaired child to improve his listening skills by having him repeat what he hear while I look at the subtitles to make sure he repeat all the words. I need more children’s book with subtitles and your selections are limited. Any suggestion on where to get more children’s book with subtitles? You have provide subtitle list for drama and movies but not for books.

  3. Hi Insubae, I was wondering what format the TED videos are in, and the format of their subtitles. They seem to work fine on listening drill, but the ones that I imported make the app crash. I am wondering if there is a certain combination of mp4, mov, and .srt, .smi etc, that will make it work without crashing. If I could get it to work, I would purchase the full app, but without this function, it is useless to me because I am learning different languages then english. But keep up the good work, this is an exciting app with a lot of potential. Thanks!

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for using ListeningDrill.

      ListeningDrill supports,

      [Supported Media Files]
      1. mp4, mov, mpv, 3gp video files
      2. mp3 audio files

      [Supported Subtitle Format]

      1. lrc (Karaoke Lyrics LRC)
      2. smi (SAMI Captioning)
      3. srt (SubRip format)


      You can make any arbitrary combinations with those formats, and they should work.
      With above formats, if the app still crashes, it could be a bug I might not noticed yet.
      If it’s the case, please send me the specific subtitle file which is causing the crash,
      I should add the fix for that in the following updates.

      Just for your reference,
      1. You can assign 2 subtitle files for 1 media file (one for study, another as a translation)
      2. In the case of TED,
      You can download mp4 format video file for any talk from directly.
      And for subtitle file for any talk,
      You may use the service from
      1) Browse
      2) Insert the url of the talk in the box in the above page,
      3) then press ‘Download’ button, you will get subtitle file for the talk in srt format.

      If you insert url for english page, you will get english subtitle,
      if you insert url for any other language page, you will get the specific language’s subtitle.

      Thank you for using ListeningDrill.

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