Android version is on the Store (Google Play)


Here’s the link.



8 thoughts on “Android version is on the Store (Google Play)”

    1. Unfortunately, it’s been deleted from Google Play Store due to copyright issue, according to Google.
      Google doesn’t give me more detailed guide, and I’m not quite sure what I shoud fix at the moment.

      Until things get clear, android version will not be available on the play store market…
      I’m so sorry.

  1. Hi, I’ve got a problem with subtitles. When I add them, the whole screen is covered by some strange characters (letters) instead of being displayed as it’s supposed to be. But when I try sample files (steve jobs and the another one) then everything works well. What can be a cause? (I’m talking about an android version “listening master”)

    1. Actually it’s been a long time ago when there is an update of Android version.
      I will see what I can do for the Android version.

      Thank you for your interest in ListeningDrill,


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