New studying App by Neointro

Now new App which helps you build vocabulary power (while you’re reading web, or text files.) is available,

It’s called ‘WordsCatch’ and here’s the link to the App Store



< Description >

While you’re reading Web, e-books or text files in foreign languages, just easily check unknown words, and increase your vocabulary power.

While reading web sites or text files in foreign languages, what if you encounter a word you don’t know ?

Just touch the word.

Its meaning will be popped-up immediately.

The words shown will be automatically repeated as push-alarms according to the period you set.

– File upload from your PC
– File download from Web Sites
– Set your own iteration study(push-alarm) period freely.
– Web sites bookmarks
– Set font size/color
– Vocabulary Management

While reading, if you encounter a word you don’t know, just touch the word, check its meaning, then read on continuously.

As a bonus, the word shown once will be your complete vocabulary automatically.

6 thoughts on “New studying App by Neointro”

  1. Yes, I mean WordsCatch. Pity since I would like to recommend it for people who owns Android tv boxes.
    Your apps are awesome. Cheers!

    1. In the latest version, Study -> Listen & Repeat -> Listen doesn’t work for TED. The fix had been prepared already and will be included in the next update. Thank you for helping me improving the app. Thank you for using ListeningDrill.

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